Transforming Venues to make Memorable Events

We recently caught up with Venue Insight to discuss venue transformations and the key to creating memorable events. Read the full article below…

Whether you’re hosting a corporate conference, music gig or product launch, all great events are born from having a team that can deliver your vision. Creating the right atmosphere allows you to elevate your brand and ensure it remains in the minds of your attendees, long after your event has ended.

Managing director of Evans Audio Visual Staging, Reg Evans, explains:

“Established in 1986, we have been the bridge between brands creative concepts and live event productions, providing scenic and technical elements to many multi-national events. From wowing your guests with state-of-the-art AV, to creating show-stopping props and set design, ensuring your event stands out is vital. Now more than ever, organisers are looking beyond traditional venues to transform raw spaces and blank canvas settings, creating a unique experience for guests. Not only this, but we all know that the ‘perfect venue’ can be hard to find, so having the option to turn a blank canvas space into your dream setting is a viable alternative.”

A number of factors can affect the transformation of a venue, including the type of event, budget and timeframes. Reg Evans explores more:

We always start by considering the type of event; is it a business meeting that requires a clean, neat, professional ambience or an awards ceremony or launch event that requires more pizzazz and glamour?

Drape in Glamour

A set made out of soft materials, or a ‘soft set’, is a great way to easily transform a venue for a glitzy, glamorous event. Fabrics such as Star Cloth, Red Velour and Gold Lamé enable you to create a plush feel on a reasonable budget. Star Cloth can be suspended on a free standing structure, or from the venue’s rigging, mitigating the need for organisers to install complex structures around the room. If you’re hosting an event that runs into the evening, turning off the Star Cloth during the day helps darken the walls around the venue and create a more intimate feel, then switching them on in the evening adds an extra wow factor to your event. We stock standard black or white Star Cloth and LED Star Cloth, which changes colour to create a beautiful twinkling effect, adding extra sparkle.

If you follow the trend to create a minimalist set then we’ll actively need more resources. The level of the required finish with perfect lines requires more time, which can be challenging when venue occupation times are tight. We have developed some key bespoke elements we keep ‘in-stock- that can speed up that process.

Create centre stage

A great way to add interest to your event is by adding to the stage. Modular stage components come in rectangular or square sections, adding a curved edge makes for a more interesting platform.

Most curves require a bespoke build, although we stock sections of curved stage up to 15m wide, but remember… curves cost! Creating different levels on your stage generates movement; try creating a higher section for panel discussions and a lower section for the speaker, this is no more expensive than putting in a standard, flat platform and it can really enhance the look of your event. As well as constantly updating our ranges of contemporary furniture pieces to dress the stage, we also stock Barcelona seating, as well as other styles which enhance our stage sets.

Make an entrance

Dressing the entrance of your event, or creating a physical access point for people to walk through enables you to add wow factor on arrival. Laying a red carpet or creating a bespoke themed entrance makes your attendees feel special, and grabs their attention from the very start.

Beautiful backdrop

Scenic artists can beautifully transform a flat set with a flick of a paint brush, enabling you to create a stunning backdrop which matches the theme of your event. We have invested in technology such as laser projectors that can also bring these flat surfaces to life. Using different textures and fabrics such as silk and print allows you to create a totally different look and feel. The drop in price has helped high resolution ink jet prints give you a whole new world of design options, enabling you to create a quality bespoke background, which can add a whole new look to your event.

Shine a light

What venue transformation is complete without the lighting to create the right ambience? We work closely with Utopium who has over 20 years’ experience delivering bespoke lighting solutions to creatively enhance events and venues. Whether you’re adding uplighters to bring a touch of colour or gobos to project your branding, lighting is the perfect way to create the right atmosphere and make certain a striking first impression when your guests enter the room.

Making a venue look great doesn’t have to cost the earth, and it doesn’t have to harm to earth either. We’re proud to recycle 90% of the materials we use. With a range of staging and AV equipment in stock and the ability to create bespoke creations in house, we’re able to bring your event to life- so if you’re looking to spice up your next event then make sure you get in touch.