Hire Insurance

Evans Audio Visual Staging Ltd offer Hire Insurance –

Evans Audio Visual Staging Ltd can offer insurance to you when dry hire equipment from us.

Whenever you take out equipment on a dry hire from us you are liable for any damage or loss. You are required to read and sign a copy of our insurance when you take out a dry hire. This means that in the event of a damage or theft we may charge you. For 15% of the hire cost we will provide insurance to cover you for:

  • Loss and damage to the equipment you have hired
  • Covers the equipment both while in transit and whilst on hire.
  • Damage including fire, flood and storm.
  • Theft is restricted to forcible entry to a venue.
  • Theft from a vehicle is covered between 6am and 6pm from a locked vehicle
  • Theft between 6pm and 6am is covered if from a locked vehicle inside a secure building or compound.

Cover for wider Europe is also available.

Please note:

  • Cover only applies to goods whilst under the care of the hirer.
  • The policy does not include misuse, abuse or accidental damage.

For full terms and conditions and policy exclusions please contact the office.

This insurance is arranged through our brokers Allan Chapman & James Insurance Brokers Ltd
7 Blue Barns Business Park
Old Ipswich Road
CO7 7FX.

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Is there an excess on the policy?

Yes there is an excess on the policy of £250

What is the minimum charge for insurance?

There is no minimum charge.

How long does the insurance last?

It lasts from the time that the equipment is in your possession to the time you return it to us (including whilst the goods are on your carrier).

What precautions do I need to take?

Answer: You are at all times under a duty to avoid, minimise or mitigate any loss or damage. You should take all reasonable precautions to protect and safeguard the equipment.

Do I need to report any loss or damage to the police?

Answer: Yes if the loss or damage is due to a criminal act.

What do I do if I need to claim?

Answer: Contact Allan Chapman & James Insurance Brokers Ltd within 24 hours detailing your contract number and invoice number. They will send you the appropriate forms.

If you or your venue already hold insurance and do not require ours, email us a scanned copy of your insurance certificate with your and phone number to info@evansstaging.co.uk and we won’t ask you again until your current policy expires.